Meet the Staff

Team Yu is a project that relies on the support and contributions of many proactive Shenmue fans around the world.

In terms of this website however, it may be helpful to know the moderators governing and where else you may have encountered them:

James Hamill
Founder, editor, and chief coordinator of the Team Yu project; webmaster and author of most Team Yu/Admin posts.

Cosimo Manca
Head photographer, researcher, and graphic designer, owner of Shenmue Forever and news reporter for Shenmue Dojo.

Aaron Barstow
Head of the Shenmue500K Facebook group and daily author of a Shenmue blog for three years.

xiuying hong is brill
Longtime supporter and campaigner for Team Yu from Shenmue UK and Shenmue Dojo (Mue 26).

Manager of the @ShenmueLegacy Twitter account and the Shenmue Legacy Tumblr page.

Designer/consultant at Novin Works and Executive Shenmue Ambassador for Ys Net.

If you experience any issues with the site or have questions about the campaign then please email us at