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Since the tradition began in March 2012, Shenmue fans have been descending upon Twitter on the 3rd day of each month to tweet about this beloved video game series.

Acknowledged by the announcements of both Shenmue III in 2015 and new versions of Shenmue I & II in 2018, the campaign now takes the form of a monthly celebration for fans to help promote the franchise and support its future growth.

To join the party, simply tweet a message about Shenmue every 3rd of the month, sharing your love for the series. Retweeting others will also help maintain the community spirit that can only be experienced as part of the largest, longest-running routine social media event in gaming history!

Share the Love for #Shenmue

You can guarantee your participation in every Shenmue Tweetathon by activating a customized AutoTweet, which will post a message of your choice from your Twitter account every month on the 3rd:

Please sign in via Twitter to access the AutoTweet function.

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We are also on YouTube and used to be active on Google+ and Tumblr.

For the very first time since its Dreamcast debut in 1999, the literally game-changing Shenmue has been released on new platforms. Coupled with the expansive Shenmue II, this enhanced re-release is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Older fans and newcomers alike are now able to play the story from the beginning in time for the all-new third game currently in development.

Shenmue I & II can be purchased physically with a double-sided poster and reversible cover, or digitally via Steam, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live.

Shenmue I & II
Shenmue I & II Limited Edition

  PS4 Limited Edition:

  • Deluxe casing
  • 2CD soundtrack
  • Japan exclusive
  • Region free
  • English options
  • Nov 22nd 2018

These new versions, displayed at a higher resolution, offer outside of Japan both English and Japanese voiceovers as well as subtitles in a range of languages. The collection also benefits from modern control options and the ability to save anywhere.

After fourteen years of uncertainty, Shenmue III was finally announced at E3 2015 with a Kickstarter campaign that would break two Guinness World Records. A subsequent publishing deal with Deep Silver has allowed the scope of this long awaited sequel to expand even further, ahead of its release on PC and PlayStation 4 on November 19th 2019.


Legendary designer Yu Suzuki is back at the helm and joined by many of the original crew from the first two games, including music composer Ryuji Iuchi and both the English and Japanese voice actors for lead character Ryo Hazuki.

Updates on the game's development can be found on the official website, with links also posted on Facebook and Twitter.

You can also browse detailed information on the game in this Shenmue Dojo post.

Yu Suzuki

Crowdfunding for Shenmue III is now closed, however the game will be available digitally and at retail upon release, with many stores already taking pre-orders.

Campaign Timeline

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Team Yu interviews NoconKid
In November 2014 we had the unique opportunity to interview the South Korean super fan wowing the Internet with his homemade recreations of Shenmue environments in HD. Within a year he would be recruited by Yu Suzuki to work on Shenmue III!

Shenmue Dojo & Team Yu interview Yu Suzuki
In February 2016 we teamed up with Shenmue's longest running fan site to interview Suzuki-san about the newly crowdfunded Shenmue III. We also delivered a very special gift from the fan community as a whole...

Team Yu interviews community admins
In October 2016 we collated a series of discussions with Shenmue fan site chiefs past and present, seeking to understand what drove them to contribute in such a role and how they felt about it once Shenmue III was announced.

Team Yu interviews SpacySmoke
In December 2016 we quizzed the designer of a proposed Lego set featuring Yu Suzuki, Ryo Hazuki, and several classic Sega arcade cabinets. The idea would attract the requisite following of 10,000 supporters to be considered for official release, but would be ultimately passed up by Lego.

Team Yu interviews Cédric Biscay
In August 2017 we sat down with the co-producer of Shenmue III to discuss his role as a fan of the series helping its continuation become a reality, and the need for its first two games to be made available to new players.

Shenmue Forever & Team Yu interview Yu Suzuki
In February 2018 we paired with a dedicated co-campaigner to revisit the topic of Shenmue III with its creator further into development. We also met a host of fans eager to see the original chapters re-released in time for the sequel.

Shenmue Dojo & Team Yu interview Yu Suzuki
In March 2019 we teamed up again with the Dojo to interview Suzuki-san about Shenmue III in the year of its release, revisiting topics from our first discussion three years earlier to see what had changed.

1UP discusses #GiveYuTheShenmueLicense
In August 2012, the now-archived 1UP.com pondered our initial campaign hashtag with friends in and around the games industry.

Segabits discusses #GiveYuTheShenmueLicense
In April 2013 a Sega fan site pondered the campaign's initial hashtag, prompting a clarification of our aims in response.

G.E.E.K Podcast interviews Team Yu
In March 2014, with Yu Suzuki delivering a Shenmue Postmortem at GDC (and secretly meeting with Sony), we took questions from the G.E.E.K squad about the series and the campaign for Shenmue III.

Edge discusses #GiveYuTheShenmueLicense
In April 2014, a British magazine ran a feature commending supporters of the campaign as an example to other gamers on social media.

Team Yu appears on Chipped Podcast
In August 2014 we were invited to deliver our campaign message to gaming podcast listeners directly, on the show that would later be renamed Out Of Lives.

RETRO promotes #SaveShenmue
In December 2014 an American magazine plugged the campaign hashtag while listing Shenmue amongst franchises in need of a sequel.

GameMag promotes #SaveShenmue
In December 2014 a Russian magazine plugged the campaign hashtag while featuring a fan-made mobile game based on Shenmue's Lucky Hit.

Ys Net promotes Team Yu
In July 2015 we were credited for the campaign in a Kickstarter update for Shenmue III, allowing us to finally divulge the contents of a book pictured in the hands of Yu Suzuki.

GamesTM interviews Yu Suzuki, Cédric Biscay & Team Yu
In August 2015 we were questioned along with Shenmue III's director and co-producer by a British magazine following the game's shock announcement.

Sega Nerds interviews Team Yu
In October 2015 we answered queries from a Sega fan site to promote the campaign for new versions of Shenmue I & II and to address the media's reporting of Shenmue III since its announcement.

Team Yu appears on Metro UK
In January 2016 (submitted the previous month) we shared our origin story with online readers of a mainstream British newspaper to promote Shenmue III's ongoing crowdfunding.

IGN Italia recalls #SaveShenmue
In August 2017, the Italian branch of IGN harked back to the monthly routine of tweeting for Shenmue III, before looking ahead at the results.

USgamer interviews community reps
In August 2018, the American cousin of Eurogamer reached out to representatives from Team Yu, Shenmue 500K, Shenmue Dojo, and documentary A Gamer's Journey: The Definitive History of Shenmue.

Team Yu appears on Mega Visions
In July 2019, we supplied a Sega fan site with a fully sourced explanation of some commonly misunderstood topics involving Shenmue III.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact Team Yu by email or through our Facebook and Twitter outlets.

Shenmue Heart of Gold campaign for Japan Cat Network

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Team Yu is a fan campaign project established in January 2012, and should not be confused with the following official contacts:

Ys NetDeveloper of Shenmue III
Website / Email / Twitter (Director: Yu Suzuki)
Shibuya ProductionsCo-producer of Shenmue III
Website / Email / Twitter (Director: Cédric Biscay)
Deep SilverPublisher of Shenmue I & II and Shenmue III
Website / Email / Twitter (Owner: Koch Media)
D3TDeveloper of Shenmue I & II [re-release]
Website / Email / Twitter (Owner: Keywords Studios)
SegaOwner of Shenmue IP
Website / Email / Twitter (Subsidiary: Sega Europe)

Other fan sites and communities can be found at:

Shenmue 500K- Facebook group
Shenmue Dojo- News and forum
Shenmue Master- French news and forum
Phantom River Stone- Translation/analysis blog
Shenmue Guide- Japanese news blog
Shenmue.de- German news blog
Shenmue bar- Chinese social network group
Shenmue Forever- Campaign microblog
Shenmue Italia- Italian news blog
BlueMue's Blog- Opinion and modding blog
Shenmusings- Opinion blog
Shenmue AM2- Podcast: iTunes / Google Play

Learn more about the history of these communities here.